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Soshana: Paintings, Collages
Aufbau, USA, 10. March1967

B.F.Dolbin, Ruth White Gallery, 42 E 57. At the occasion of her first sensational exhibition in New York we dedicated a short note to Soshana who was born in Vienna. Now she headquarters in Paris, where she has become under Picasso's patronage a member of the "Salon des Réalités Nouvelles". In the meantime she has travelled half the world. During the last nine months she lived and worked in Mexico where the local museum of fine arts honoured her with a special exhibition.

She is represented in the collections of the museums of modern art in Paris, Sao Paulo, in the Bezalel Museum, Jerusalem, in the Jewish Museum, New York, in the Tate Gallery, London, as well as in the private collections of Jean Paul Sartre and Joseph H. Hirschhorn. She is preparing a travelling exhibition for 1968 for German museums to which she was officially invited after her one-man-show in the Wolfgang Gurlitt gallery in Munich.

Soshana's paintings and collages at Ruth White speak of the exceptional sensitivity of an artist whose concept is – in spite of all characteristics – basically ideographically orientated. She realises her images almost exclusively directly or in a collage or in various mediums on rice paper, which reproduces the most delicate nuances of impassioned strokes of the brush. Soshana manages to express in her calligraphy the most volatile phenomena like "Star Burst", "Explosion", "Cosmic Edge", "Flight in Space", "Movement", "Bird Flight" – irresistible achievements by a restless enquirer and finder.