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This young woman was born in Vienna, but many other racial influences shaped her personality, and her intellect and inspiration were enriched by the manifold marvels of the world. Her travels have taken her all over the world, particularly to Asia and to the Middle East. It is in these remote worlds, in their expressions and mysteries, in their boundless spirituality, that Soshana found the confirmation of her vocation.

The distinctive features of her art are conditioned by the spiritual forces that impel her to paint. She is endowed with a temperament that is rooted and hidden in the depth of her soul - an artist constantly guided by her innermost voice. It is here, at the very core of her being, that she has suffered the tragedy of our age, and her response is in tune with her gloomy thoughts, the melancholic mood of the lonely wanderer.

All of this is reflected in her manner of painting, which is an image of her own self: poetic in its essence, the fruit of personal experience, yet created by spontaneous inspiration... an inspiration born of humanity and sorrow, an inspiration that is an experience in itself. In the wild lunges, in the crucial movements of her pictorial subjects, cosmic space spreads its panic, slashed cities break out in disorder, every element seems to be in mortal fear of itself...and in the midst of all this disruption, this threatening wilderness, we suddenly perceive a vague presence: the presence of Man.

Jean Cassou, Paris 1962, former director of the Museum of Modern Art, Paris